1.0. Introduction

Sumbawanga Regional Referral Hospital is Referral Hospital for Rukwa Region. The region is located in the South-Western part of Tanzania between 05 0 S-09 0 S and 30-

33 0 E. The Region has a total area of 27,765 km 2 (land area 21,160 km 2 and water surface area of 6,605 km 2 ).The region is divided into three Districts namely

Sumbawanga, Nkasi and Kalambo and it has four Councils; Sumbawanga DC, Nkasi DC,Sumbawanga MC and Kalambo DC. The Region has a population projection of above

1,004,539 people according to the National population and Housing Census of 2012.

 2.0. Vision Statement:

To be able to provide quality and cost effective care to the community.

 3.0. Mission Statement:

To give the best preventive, curative, promotive, rehabilitative and research services to the clients

 4.0. Core Values

· Highly knowledgeable, skilled and professional personnel

· High quality services oriented

· Respect for human dignity

· Maximized services by using available resources.

 5.0. Philosophy statement

We believe that mercy, love, skill/technology, competency, team work and initiatives will lead to efficiency and cost effective care

 6.0. Hospital Strategies

For the year 2019/20 the Hospital is planning to execute the following strategies to improve service provision and CHOP implementation;

1. To improve health care provision services by ensuring availability of Medicines, Medical Supplies and Diagnostic supplies.

2. Strengthen Hospital Revenue Collection by strengthening customer care, improving Insurances (NHIF) services and electronic payment (cashless).

3. To strengthen Hospital Management through Utilization of ICT in Hospital service delivery, Health Information Management System (HMIS) and Cash Collection through GOT-HOMIS.

4. To strengthen utilization of Open Performance Review Appraisal System (OPRAS) and training for professional developments based on Hospital priority areas.

5. Strengthen quality of services, customer care and IPC infrastructures (Laundry and Health Care Waste Management)

6. Strengthen Public Private Partnership (PPP) to improve health services delivery to the Community (eg Infusion Unit Renovation)

7. Strengthen Referral System for patients and control of exemptions.

8. Strengthen Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child health (RMNCH) Services.

9. To improve care and management of Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

10. To strengthen continuous health education, Clinical supportive supervision and Operational Research.

7.0. Hospital Priority areas 

The priority areas for the Hospital for the year 2019/2020 are as follows;

1. To reduce under-five Deaths.

2. To improve specialist care especially Orthopaedic Surgery and General Surgery.

3. To strengthen referral system for improvement of service provision.

4. To increase Hospital Revenue Collection (Cash and NHIF).

5. To strengthen use of ICT in improving Hospital service provision through Data collection and assessment of staff performance.

6. To Improve Hospital Diagnostic Services.

7. To improve availability of Medicines and Medical Supplies.

8. Renovation of Hospital Infrastructures like Laundry, Incinerator and Paediatric ward and construction of Neonatal Ward and EMD Unit.

9. Improve availability of staff to improve services.

10. Improve Public Private Partnership to improve service Delivery.

11. Staff motivation using Hospital Revenue Collection.